​​Arizona Police Association

APA Services

1.  State Legislative Bill Lobbying
      a.  Bill research
      b.  Bill preparation
      c.  Selection of a bill sponsor
      d.  Introduction of the bill
      e.  Lobbying bill with members of the House and Senate
      f.  Testifying on merits of the bill in the House and Senate
      g.  Tracking and guiding the bill through legislative process
      h.  Opposing bills hostile to law enforcement (includes services of a, e, f and g)

2.  Assistance in Local Lobbying Efforts
      a.  Assistance in lobbying local city and town councils and county board of supervisors on local issues
      b.  Issue research
      c.  Issue documentation and make presentations
      d.  Lobbying local Council/Boards/Committees
      e.  Testifying before local Councils/Boards/Committees

3.  Political Activity
      a.  Meeting with elected and yet to be elected candidates to discuss issues
      b.  Assisting in signature collections
      c.  Erecting political campaign signs
      d.  Manning polling places
      e.  Walking neighborhoods
      f.  Organizing photo shoots
      g.  Public appearances

4.  Political Endorsements
      a.  Candidate research for statewide and local elections
      b.  APA recommendation for endorsement
      c.  Official APA endorsement
      d.  Preparation of Press releases, APA web page announcements and other articles
      e.  Recommendation for Political Action Committee donations

5.  Providing a Unifying Voice for APA Member Groups
      a.  Liaison with the press
      b.  Producing press releases on significant events
      c.  Holding press conferences when necessary
      d.  Maintaining APA Website focused on keeping APA members and the community as a whole informed about APA issues
      e.  Exposing improper acts/tactics/policies through website and articles to be placed in member association’s newsletters

6.  Contacting and Lobbying Law Enforcement Employers At the direction of the Board of Directors:
      a.  Informally assist in the resolution of work related disputes
      b.  Assist in developing a positive labor / management relationship
      c.  Obtain information through public records requests to assist member groups

7.  Legal Defense Fund of PORAC
      a.  Full scope of employment legal representation by an experienced criminal attorney from the outset of an investigation through trial
      b.  Experienced civil attorney to monitor and assist you in a scope of employment civil issue when your employer provides primary representation
      c.  If there is a conflict, inadequate representation, or if your employer refuses to defend you in a scope of employment civil legal issue, you will be provided independent counsel
      d.  In cases of legal conflicts between members, each member will receive separate counsel