​​Arizona Police Association

​​A group of Phoenix community leaders joined with the Arizona Police Association in forming and incorporating the

Citizens Law Enforcement Anti-Graffiti Initiative. This citizen managed organization works to bring technology,

education, environmental design, corporate/community partnerships, law makers and law enforcement

together to work to impact the devastating effects of graffiti upon communities and families.

The Arizona Police Association is proud of its corporate partnerships and we could not have asked for a better

team-mate in the quest for safe neighborhood than our friends at Circle K. Circle K has an aggressive community

outreach program and has been a consistent partner in a number of community/ law enforcement initiatives that

directly contribute to the well-being and safety of neighborhood and their families.

Thank you Circle K.

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Allyson Gerrard
Damri Muay Thai
PR Coordinator
Address: 735 N. 114th Ave. Avondale, AZ 85323 // Phone: 602-620-3007 // Social: @damrimma

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