Verizon Discount Plans for APA Members

22%-25% Discounts on Price Plans & Accessories
Upgrades every 10 months**
No Early Termination Fee

Through APA, transactions need to be done using the My Business (Verizon) website or through Vicki at 602-376-3659 or Jessica at   Office 602-491-1821 or Cell 602-376-3659.  Keep in mind-Verizon stores are unable to assist you with your account.

Proration’s can/will happen when transferring or activating new lines of service
Please be advised of the effects of proration on your account when activating a new line of service or performing a transaction that will result in proration changes. (i.e. transfer from Personal to APA account)

All plans include free nights (9:00pm-6:00am) and weekends (Friday 9:00pm- Monday 6:00am) and free Verizon to Verizon calls.
Smart Phone Plans:
Unlimited Data
400 Minutes, unlimited Data/Text: $47.99
600 Minutes, unlimited Data/Text: $60.99
1000 Minutes, unlimited Data/Text: $72.99
Smart phone plans include 10 friends and family PER ACCOUNT
Basic Phone Plans:
400 Minutes: $27.99
600 Minutes: $40.99
1000 Minutes: $62.99
Unlimited text: $12.00 (additional charge)
*Updated 7/5/2016

Due to the volume of requests, please allow 5-10 business days to process your Verizon consumer account to the APA Verizon account. We appreciate your patience!!

Only the member officer can create/move over an account to the APA Verizon account. If there is a desire to add individuals to the current account then they have to be added by the member officer themselves-we will not be creating separate accounts for family and friends.

Once the member officer discontinues their membership, they will be removed from the benefits of the APA Verizon program and will need to assume a Verizon consumer account within 14 days or service will be suspended or cancelled.

If your Verizon cell phone service is currently bundled with internet/cable you will need to remove your Verizon account from that bundle in order for it to be moved to the APA Verizon accounts.

Accounts with repetitive delinquent history are subject to termination from the APA Verizon benefit.

When purchasing a phone keep in mind the location to which it ships will need to have an individual available to sign for the package from FedEx.