​​Arizona Police Association

SB1498: AZPOST membership;

This bill allows for the membership of the AZPOST Board to include two (2) rank and file members with experience in representing officers in disciplinary due proceed matters.

-One officer will be a deputy and one a municipal officer

-One from a county other than Maricopa or Pima county

-Also allows DPS to establish AMBER Alerts with Native American tribes

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HB2383: HOV lanes; emergency vehicles;

This bill allows all emergency vehicles, including unmarked, to utilize the HOV lanes regardless of the number of occupants. 

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In addition to the legislation introduced by the APA, we were also successful in killing several bills that would have been harmful to law enforcement. 

HB2527:  Peace Officer Training and Equipment Fund;

This bill establishes a $4.00 fee on citations and driver safety school courses and establishes the Peace Officer Training Fund. This fund will collect approximately $2,000,000.00 a year. The first three million are designated as follows;

-$500,000 Arizona DPS overtime

-$2.3 million for 10 Virtual firing ranges, 3 virtual training simulators, software to allow custom authored training

-$203,000 maintenance of virtual training systems

-$50,000 to AZ Highway Safety Office for PAS

-$20,000 to the courts for programing cost

-Establishes a committee to make recommendation for future training purchases

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HB2384: Unlawful Flight; Vehicle Impoundment;

This bill allows officers in unmarked vehicle to charge a suspect with unlawful flight if there is evidence the driver knowingly fled from police officers. It also allows officers to impound vehicle used in a pursuit, including those left abandoned. 

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HB2502: Public Safety; traumatic event counseling;

This is perhaps our most important bill this year. This bill allows for the extensive treatment of police officers and firefighters who may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The main enhancements to this legislation are:

-Addition 24 counseling sessions for a total of 36 employer paid treatments.

-Treatment is on duty/compensated

-Employee has right to select qualified treatment provider

-Reimburses employee if paid time off (vacation/sick) is used because of the injury

-Requires extensive data collection of PTSD benefit usage/approval/and denial of benefits

-Bill is Referred to as the “Officer Craig Tiger Act” in his honor

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