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Attendance was robust. Celebration however was tempered with solemn remembrance of their fallen as the Flagstaff Law Enforcement Association (FLEA), recognizes the dedication and sacrifice of those who have who paid the ultimate price to protect their community.  The Honor Guard was poised as they reverently observed the phantom table ceremony as preamble to the recognition of those who would receive honors for performing acts of lifesaving, bravery and valor during this year's awards banquet. FLEA is among the most recent APA affiliate members to  join NALEA, an APA member group. FLEA represents 80% of the total eligible Flagstaff PD employees. 

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19-Jan-16 Media Contact: Carole V. Bartholomeaux, 602.404.8879 DAY OF EVENT: 602.628.2666


Mesa -- Building trust and legitimacy is the first pillar of the President’s 21st Century Policing Plan. Trumpeted in summits and town halls throughout the nation, the meetings have begun. Representatives from aggrieved communities, clergy, community leaders and law enforcement heads have come together to discuss the state of relationship between law enforcement and the public they serve. Fixing a relationship believed to be dysfunctional is a noble charge and the idea that meetings have begun certainly gives cause to hope that we will move past the mutual agreement that the relationship is broken and start the process of repair and restoration of trust and legitimacy. The first series of meetings will begin tomorrow in Arizona. They will focus on coming to terms that there are communities in our State with diminished, if not challenged, perceptions of the police. These meetings recognize that it is time to start the process of trust restoration and re-affirm legitimacy in our mission and practice.

“One of the dynamics that has been cause of concern is that law enforcement seems to move painfully slowly in the minds of the those we serve in working to address their concerns,” Dr. Levi Bolton, Jr., Executive Director, Arizona Police Association, explained. “The Arizona Police Association has decided to move up the time table and start having the crucial dialogue of speaking directly with those who have voiced concerns about police methods, use of force, biased policing and other issues which have fettered mutual trust and legitimacy. We have invited those who have been notably vocal to this policy and communication ‘laboratory’, along with participants from underrepresented communities to attend and participate in this learning experience.”

Hosted by the Arizona Police Association on behalf of its state wide members who represent the corps of law enforcement front line practitioners and service providers in Arizona, this program is being facilitated by Dr. Ben Harrison of Ben Harrison Associates, LLC. The discussion and education begins January 20th.

Hosted by the Arizona Police Association
At: The Mesa Police Public Safety Facility – 3260 North 40th Street
Mesa, AZ
8:00am – 4:30 pm

They say it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Lighting a bright candle of hope and well wishing to the men and women of Arizona’s law enforcement community were the wonderful ladies of the “knit Wits”. Delivering their heartfelt support and prayers to those who serve and protect, they present the APA board with personally knitted prayer cloths.


October 29, 2015

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association is joining with the New York PBA, Los Angeles PPL and many other police associations from around the country in calling for a Boycott of Quentin Tarantino films.

At a rally against police brutality held in New York City this past weekend, Hollywood film director and producer Quentin Tarantino made reference to “Murdering Cops” who should be in jail or facing charges.
This rally and Tarantino’s statements came only four days after the actual murder of NYPD officer Randolph Holder who was gunned down while working in East Harlem. These reckless statements are a slap in the face to all men and women who put their lives on the line to protect society every day.

It is ironic that Mr. Tarantino whose trademark is films that depict graphic violence and murder, now wants to get on a soapbox and hurl baseless accusations and label police officers as murderers. Mr. Tarantino apparently doesn’t believe police officers are entitled to the same due process rights afforded to every other member of society.

This is but one more facet of the ongoing attack against police officers nationwide. Mr. Tarantino, like many of his peers in the Hollywood elite, lives a life of wealth and luxury and will never know what it’s like to walk a mile in the shoes of a beat cop who has to contemplate whether they will go home safe to their family each and every day. The same beat cop who daily stands in the gap to protect Mr. Tarantino’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

While Mr. Tarantino has constitutional rights that allow him to speak his mind and express his views, the police officers he is attacking are allowed to exercise those same rights.

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association is calling on its members and those in the community who support law enforcement to join in a boycott of films directed or produced by Quentin Tarantino to include his yet to be released film The Hateful Eight.

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Avondale Officer Chad Drexler and APA legislative liaison Mike Williams get a full measure of advanced training technology developed for law enforcement officers at Virtra

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Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch and APA Executive Director Levi Bolton were guest presenters of the Moral Action Ministries in Scottsdale, AZ on Saturday, September 19th, 2015. The message focus for these presenters was a discussion of the changing dynamics of policing in today's national and local environment and the challenges of law enforcement officers in a climate of persistent news stories highlighting controversial police/citizen contacts. The audience was receptive and re-affirmed their belief that citizens need to support their law enforcement officers and the work these officers are asked to perform on their behalf.

To all golf enthusiast... please see the attached flyers for an upcoming C.O.P.S. golf tournament.. This is a golf tournament being put on by Law Enforcement United Team Arizona. All proceeds will go to help fund the COPS kids camp.

3rd Annual Golf Tournament flyer

Team Arizona LEU flyer

The Arizona Highway Patrol Association has a new look and new name. Welcome the Arizona State Troopers Association

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A delegation of APA leaders met with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to discuss training opportunities, new tools and continued liaison with Arizona's law enforcement officers.

42nd Annual Peace Officers Memorial Service

Monday, May 4th
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Wesley Bolin Memorial Mark
(Between 16 & 17th Avenue, Jefferson/Washington)

Officers are encouraged to wear uniforms and shrouds.

Every year, on the first Monday in May, the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial Board honors the officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families
Officers honored at the 2015 ceremony:

Detective John Hobbs
Phoenix Police Department
End of Watch March 3, 2014

Sergeant Brandon Mendoza
Mesa Police Department
End of Watch May 12, 2014

Officer Jair Cabrera
Salt River Police Department
End of Watch May 25, 2014

Agent Alexander Giannini
US Border Patrol
End of WatchMay 28, 2014

Officer Bryant Holmes
Chandler Police Department
End of Watch October 28, 2014

Officer David Payne
Chandler Police Department
End of Watch October 31, 2014

Officer Ernesto Montoya Sr.
Navajo Department of Public Safety
End of Watch November 30, 2014

Officer Tyler Stewart
Flagstaff Police Department
End of Watch December 27, 2014

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The passing of a hero – we will never forget


The APA gives its endorsement of Mesa City Council candidate Kevin Thompson.


Executive Director Levi Bolton had his first meeting with the new President of AACOP (Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police) and Chief of Apache Junction Police Department Jerald Monahan. Also present was AACOP Executive Board member Surprise Police Chief Michael Frazier. AACOP Lobbyist and Attorney John Thomas completed the group as they discussed future legislative topics and their collective desire to foster a new era of communication as they pertain to challenges that are likely to face the law enforcement community this session.

Did you Know?

It’s that time again to exercise one of our most precious freedoms as Americans- your right to vote. Often the question comes up as to how in the world do I cast a vote on that laundry list of Judges that comes with the host of other governmental candidates? Did you know -that there is actually a website that you can become an informed voter as it pertains to Judicial performance of our Arizona Judges? “Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review -

APA takes their message directly to the voters


Farewell to a community icon

On September 18th in the offices of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, PLEA, its officers, community leaders and elected officials will say farewell to retiring founder of Citizens for Phoenix [formerly Require the Prior], Ann Malone. This tireless energetic homemaker and mother of seven found the time to take on issues within her community and decided that change takes more than conversation. A consummate organizer and dynamic personality Ann has boldly taken on tough problems and refused to accept the notion that “well it’s always been that way, who are we to change it.” Ann has a special place in her heart for “her cops” and along with her best friend and husband, a champion in his own right, Mike Malone, attended meetings, sat on committees, hosted fundraisers and raised awareness within their community and the state of Arizona. Through the magic of networking Ann demonstrated the power of relationships and the importance of a vote. This farewell tribute is open to community leaders, legislators and law enforcement. The celebration begins at 11:30 and due to limited space the list of invitees had to be restricted.

Arizona's personnel reform bill: Highway Patrol employees start educational

Sonoran News

During recent Senate and House Committees, the members of the Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA) heard misconceptions about the similarities between how private business and police operate. In response, AHPA members and their families are ... See all stories on this topic >>>

Proposed bill would redefine 'intersection' for Arizona drivers

Verde Independent

Frank Antenori, R-Tucson, who has waged a campaign against all forms of photo enforcement for years. Under Arizona law, an intersection is defined as an area within what would be imaginary lines extended from each curb.  That creates a box, ... See all stories on this topic >>>

Law enforcement seeks suspects in shooting of 6 wild burros

Arizona Bill to Tow Vehicles of Drivers Without Liability Defeated

Arizona lawmakers advance states' rights bills

Mohave Valley News

Legislators cite the lawsuits over the federal health care overhaul and Arizona's immigration law as two cases where the state is fighting federal overreach and gaining traction. Both cases are set for rulings by the US Supreme Court.
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Law enforcement not the place for political ideology
By Guest Opinion
Published: March 16, 2012 at 7:54 am

Most people would agree that the world of law enforcement is not the place for strident political agendas. So when an ideological organization whose lobbying activities are being challenged by the secretary of state starts pushing for changes that affect front line police officers, the law enforcement community stands up and takes notice.

The Goldwater Institute-promoted SB1064 — attractively, yet misleadingly titled the “Freedom Bill” — opens the door to privatizing law enforcement. The measure, designed by people who don’t have to enforce it, without the input of the people who do, will lead to law enforcement micromanagement. Last week, the legislation was wisely rejected by the Senate Rules Committee.

As defined by the Goldwater Institute, freedom apparently consists of getting rid of criminal penalties and limiting funding for police. The organization supports legalizing marijuana for recreational use and opposes using the forfeiture of assets from drug and human smuggling cartels to pay for police operations.

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Arizona Gov. Brewer Blasts Feds on Immigration at Border Expo

Fox News

Speaking to a room of law enforcement officers and those in the border technology industry on Tuesday, Brewer said the immigration issue isn't about hate or skin color, as her critics say - it's about securing the border and keeping Americans safe.

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Arizona House Votes To Repeal Gun-Free School Zones

Huffington Post

Arizona law does allow for guns to be carried into school buildings by law enforcement and for legitimate purposes. The existing gun-free school zone law allows unloaded guns in the zone, along with guns secured in a lockbox. State Rep.

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In Arizona, immigration decline tied to drop in crime

Chandler police training ensures officers stay certified


In order to remain certified with the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, Arizona police officers must undergo from 10 to 20 hours of annual training. Their education ranges from learning about national crime trends and understanding ...

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Calif. shooting latest woe for immigration agency

Arizona Daily Sun
( AP Photo/Nick Ut) The deadly office shooting in California involving a federal immigrations supervisor and a special agent is the latest mark against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the law enforcement agency created after the 2001 terror ...  See all stories on this topic >>>

Utah legislation could disband polygamous police

TriValley Central
By JENNIFER DOBNER and JOSH LOFTIN AP SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah senator is proposing legislation that could disband the police department that serves the Utah-Arizona border towns dominated by followers of polygamous-sect leader Warren Jeffs. Sen. See all stories on this topic >>>

Phoenix has seven candidates for police chief

Arizona Republic
The new police chief will fill the job former Public Safety Manager Jack Harris left in April. Harris retired after city management sidelined him from ... See all stories on this topic >>>