The Arizona Police Association is an association of associations, not an association of individual members. Membership will be offered to any bona-fide independent or certified union, association, guild, society, or similar organization that represents or has predominately as its members certified, full-time, sworn Arizona law enforcement or correctional officers, or federal equivalent operating within the State of Arizona, provided such organization is not a local, state, or national fraternal police lodge or its subsidiary or related subgroup. An individual person who is not a member in a current APA member association can not become an active member of the Association.


Any person or group of persons who are not sworn Arizona law enforcement officers, but who support the purposes and goals of the Association may apply for honorary membership in the association


The Board of Directors of the Arizona Police Association shall review and may approve applications for membership in the Association.


Persons or organizations requesting membership should contact the executive director of the Arizona Police Association directly for specific requirements.

​​Arizona Police Association